Helping the Past Serve the Future

The Old Martin County Courthouse in Williamston, North Carolina, is evolving
into a cultural center for the county and
for the region. Discover more about this
 exciting project and learn how you
can become part of its success.
“A few enlightened communities across North Carolina have recognized the pivotal roles their historic courthouses have played in their lives. In Martin County, NC, history minded citizens took bold steps to save their landmark courthouse from the wrecking ball and have successfully restored its exterior...The completed project will preserve a majestic local architectural landmark and ensure that the building remains a focal point for local history and civic pride."
  Peter Sandbeck, Administrator
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
NC Dept. of Cultural Resources

2021 Ornament
Jesse Fuller Jones House - 1810
Spring Green Community
Friends of the Old Martin County Courthouse
P.O. Box 502  |  East Main Street  |  Williamston, NC 27892  |  252-792-5243

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